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suite 2, 751 nicholson street
north carlton 3054
Tel 61 3 9381 4366
Fax 61 3 9381 2155



ACLA's success and aspirations are premised on a commitment to engage in a collaborative work environment with each client, and by understanding the specific requirements, constraints and opportunities of each project. Final designed outcomes are based on rigorous site assessment and processes that consider client and community needs paving the way for greater acceptance and ownership of external spaces.

Acquired Knowledge

As a team of skilled landscape architects and professionals, we are constantly researching new technologies, materials and design attitudes. This enables the practice to make informed decisions, which ultimately lead to sustainable, innovative and practical design solutions.

Service Excellence

Our service is based on a high level of commitment to the environment, our clients and the profession. Each project is nurtured with dedication, flexibility, professionalism and a desire to create unique external spaces based on principles of Ecological Sustainable Development.

We establish a respectful and sound-working environment with clients focusing on decision-making processes by mutual agreement. Our recognition is also reflected in our long-standing and ever increasing client base.

Work-Life Balance

ACLA fosters an environment based on strong family values and work-life balance. As a team, we work tremendously hard to meet project deadlines and commitments, yet advocate the need for staff to spend time with their families, friends, themselves and the community to re-energise and maintain health of mind.